Water fast – Is it safe?

by admin on January 23, 2014

There are many people who send emails to me asking whether water fasting is as good as the water diet plans posted by me. My answer would be “No”. Water fasting also known as “water only diet” is not recommended by any health care professionals.I am aware of some alternative therapies where they promote healing through fasting.Usually, such fasting is monitored by an expert in the field and hence I can’t comment on them.

But, reading something about water fasting on your own and trying it yourself could prove dangerous for some. Though I believe most of us would be just fine on water fast, it is not a safe or ideal way to lose your weight. The philosophy behind water fast is when you are not eating solids, your body will start burning the fat deposits in your body to release energy. But, it is not an east transition for your body. Drinking only water can cause electrolyte imbalance in the body making you feel dizzy and tired. You might be finding it hard to perform your normal day to day activities causing frustration.

Also, for anyone suffering from any medical condition such as diabetes water fasting can worsen your symptoms and not recommended under any circumstances. Water fasting can reduce your blood sugar levels and cause kidney and liver issues. Also, a condition known as ketosis can be caused by water fasting. It can cause muscle loss in healthy individuals and induce low blood pressure. It is important to note in order to maintain your metabolism rate it is always better to eat quality healthy food rather than starving yourself.

Weight loss is indirectly related to emotional well being in most of us and hence you might get a sudden motivation to lose weight. Water fasting can sound easy, fast and cheap way to lose weight. But, it can have long term implications.

It is always better to understand your body before embarking your weight loss journey. If you do lose weight with any of the diets plans available, you need to make lifestyle changes to sustain the weight loss. In general, caffeinated drinks, refined sugar and processed food are all the culprits that block the detoxification pathway. Consuming lots of fibres in the form of cruciferous vegetables can helps ease congestion in liver and provide long term health benefits.

Most of us know neurotransmitters are vital for our brain to transfer messages from one part of the brain to the other. Our body needs amino acids for proper neurotransmitter function. Being on water fast, your body’s amino acid production can reduce and can affect your thinking pattern.

Another question people often come up with is how long to water fast? We don’t have a predefined answer for this question. I personally wouldn’t recommend water fast aka. Water only diet to anyone unless it is recommended by a holistic profession based on individual needs.

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