Sassy Water Diet

by admin on August 9, 2012

There are many diet plans going rounds and people come up with different versions of diet plans in order to suit their lifestyles. Whether these personalised diet plans work or not is a different issue.

Sassy Water Diet

One of the popular versions of water diet plan is the sassy water diet. The diet plan involves intensive four day water only diet followed by a four week diet. The diet is aimed at excreting the excess fluid from the body thus resulting in weight loss. It is also nicknamed the flat belly diet and it is particularly helpful in reducing the fluid in the belly area.

What is Sassy Water?

My assumption is the water is named after the creator of this diet Cynthia Sass. The water used in the diet is an infusion of grated ginger, lemon, mint leaves and cucumber. All of these items aid the digestion and has diuretic properties and thus can help in fluid excretion. It is important to note that there is no study to back these claims but the effects are felt by the people who had been on the diet. To learn more about the diet plan you need to purchase the book that discusses the sassy water diet. The main difference between this and other water diet plans is the water used in this diet is infused with digestion aiding ingredients.

Second Phase of the Diet

The jumpstart phase of the diet involves drinking the sassy water. The second phase of the diet involves eating food rich in mono saturated fat such as Avocado. You can look at the 21 preview of the diet plan before purchasing it.

Why water diet?

If are planning to lose your weight in a quick way but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on weight loss programs then water diet is definitely worth a try. Please bear in mind that before going on any diet plan you need to consult your health care professional to discuss and make sure whether the diet is right for you.

If you be on water diet in a shorter period of time and can handle it, then you can increase the number of days later to lose more weight. A water diet should always be coupled with healthy eating habits in order to maintain the weight loss.

There are many other diets such as hcg diet which are more popular but the side effects of consuming a hormone in your body is not well defined.

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