Fish and Water Diet

by admin on August 9, 2012

One of the popular diets, that that has been raved by some is the fish and water diet. It is also called by other names such as tuna and water diet, 3 day fish diet etc. The diet is quite restrictive and may not be suitable for everyone. This diet is for people who love seafood, especially tuna. The diet restricts your calorie intake to 1000 per day. As you may be aware you need 2000 calories to get through the day, so this diet might leave you a bit starved and you might have cravings throughout the day.

This diet is moderately balanced and since it is only for 3 days you will definitely love the quick results from it. Most of the weight loss is from water and fat loss, as the calorie intake is restricted you will burn that extra fat in your body to get through the day.

How much Tuna to consume?

You should consume 1-1.5 g of protein per day for every pound present in your body weight.
To determine the amount of protein you should consume: (1~1.5)g * (your body weight in pounds)
Each 100g of tuna contains 26 g of protein
Eg. If you weigh 100 pounds you can you should consume 100 to 150 of protein meaning you can consume 400 – 500 g of Tuna.

Fish and Water Diet Meal Plan

• Have 5- 6 equal servings of Tuna per day
• Up 3 cups of black coffee/tea (without sugar) is allowed
• Drink as much water as possible(add a bit a lemon juice for taste if you prefer)
• One toast per day is allowed

Follow this diet for no more than 3 days. This diet is more restrictive but effective nonetheless. As the intake is carbohydrate is very low in this diet you might experience fatigue while being on the diet. As the calorie intake is low, your body will start burning excess fat to produce energy. When fat is burned for energy, your body enters a stage known as ketosis and produces ketones as a by-product. Your body loses larger than normal amounts of water and sodium at this stage.

During ketosis stage, you will start losing weight as the fat storage in the body is reduced. As the amount of food you consume is considerably reduced while being on the diet you might experience stomach upset initially. This diet is very effective for weight loss but due to it being over restrictive it is not recommended to follow the diet for more than 3 days.

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